Friday, April 23, 2010

Well as a Last Minute Decision...

Mr. Young and myself had decided to go camping here for the weekend.  

Truly it was a last minute decision, it shall be an adventure!  =)

Oh, and Miss Bayley is coming with us for her very first ever camping excursion, yay!


  1. i want to go camping!! where is that? it looks amazing.

  2. hey whitney! i've been looking for the template i used to switch our blog to 3 column and i can't find it anywhere. even though i haven't been able to find the blank template, i THINK i found it on the shabby blog site and i do remember that you have to switch your blog to left handed minima and then just plug html in for the extra right hand column. i hope that helps- sorry i can't find it! it took me forever to find a straight forward template, but there are a lot of tutorials online on how to do it if you want to put in the extra work. just google 3 column blog tutorial and something should come up :)


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