Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coronado: Friday, Day 2

Friday morning Mark and I weren't quite adjusted to the time change yet so we woke up at 7am like crazies, got ready for the day and went for a stroll down to the local coffee shop, Java.

Stopped to take a picture of the bay on our way back to the apartment... it only gets better from here. =)

When we got back the others were finally getting up and around, those lazies... ;)

With everyone ready for the day we decided to head out for Coronado. Oh wait, the truck is here to deliver the meat package! We turned around to go get it... Never seen Ryan sooo happy. lol

On the road to Coronado! =)

View from the Coronado bridge... this thing is a MONSTER. My mother would probably tinkle in her pants on this bridge.

Clearly, it's high.

View of downtown... Gorgeous...

This picture doesn't even do it justice.

In front of Hotel Del Coronado
Pillow that Karissa and Ryan want real bad... it's $138, heh.

Hi, Aunt Sue! =) (On the phone... lol She was with us in spirit!)

We each got a truffle... SO incredibly yummy!

Wanted to feel the ocean on our toesies... it was FRIGID... this is us when it washed up a little higher than we anticipated. lol

My husband the paparazzi. We have TONS of pictures like this from the trip... we never knew they were happening...

So fun. I don't have the pictures of all of us up there cause those were taken with Karissa and Ryan's camera. (PS guys, I want all of your pictures too!)

Me and my sweetie. =)
Our pretty and delicious truffles in front of Hotel Del Coronado (where we bought them)...

Chompin down those truffles
The view on the other side of the Coronado bridge on the journey back...

There were many a more adventure had in this one short day... I'll post more later! =)

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