Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Porjects, Projects, Everywhere!

Well after a much needed {perhaps desired is a more appropriate term} trip to the thrift store, I finally gave a few of my ocean rocks a home yesterday.  You can check out that fun little ditty here.  

Today I'm going to begin spray painting the plethora of $.50 frames I scored on the same thrifting trip.  I and my clumsy self managed to break 4 out of 7 of the glass panes as I dismantled the frames, but I'm sure I can come up with an alternate solution for that.  Any suggestions?  Anyway, something close to this, this or this is my end goal.

Today I am also ordering this set of apron patterns.  I am so excited!  I doubt they'll get here in time for me to work on them this week {while I'm still off work} but at least I'll have them to work on as I please.

Finally, today I am also requesting the pattern my beautiful cousin used for the cutest baby shoes.  Check check hers out here, aren't they adorable?!

Oh, and somewhere in between there I need to clean house... maybe I should do that first.  Aren't you supposed to get the least favorite things out of the way first?  But then, I can hardly say that cleaning is my least favorite thing... There just aren't many things in life better than crankin' up the music, throwing the windows open and gettin' jiggy with cleaning supplies in tow!

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