Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Tired of Saying, "When..."

Unless you're new to the Young Family blog (and possibly even then) I'm sure you are well aware of my overwhelming desire to decorate my home. In recent months I have become rather obsessed with all things painting, DIY and/or decorating related.

I can't wait to make our house ours.

Just one problem... we're not living there right now.

With every amazing project, paint scheme or decorating idea I see I am noticing that I leave comments for my blogging buddies saying things like, "I can't wait to do this to our house!" and "When we move home, I was wanting to do something similar to this..." etc. You get the point.

I am so tired of saying, "when..."

I don't want to complain about our current situation by any means. Truth be told, being given the opportunity to move to Texas for this year likely allowed my husband to keep his job in this difficult work economy. We are very blessed; the Lord has definitely been looking over us.

I'm just so excited to decorate my own home. I've been married for almost a year and haven't yet had the opportunity to do any decorating in my own home.


Is there such a thing as a decorating clock? lol Well mine's ticking...


Longing to be back in my own home where I can start making it our own...

My Dreams for Our Home:
Decide on
color schemes/themes for respective levels/rooms
Paint the Interior (everything), Exterior, Trim & Front Door
Begin collecting "project" furniture and "beautifying" (yay!)
Bring our landscaping plan to life (front & back - it's beautiful!)
Start compost (for the garden) in back yard

Start our veggie & herb garden in back yard

For a few more months, I suppose I'll just keep dreaming... =)

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  1. i have the same problem because we are renting. i started an idea binder to give a place to keep up with ideas i love and keep me from losing my mind. i just rip or print out the ideas or tutorials, and stick 'em in my 3 ring binder. then i look at it when i need soothing. :)


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