Thursday, April 8, 2010

Busy Bees!

The hubs and I have been very busy little bees lately! Since our return from the beautiful, sunny San Diego just a few days ago we have completed a total of three DIY projects between us; two small projects by myself and one larger project by Mr. Young. Needless to say, we are both feeling quite accomplished!

I am so excited to post pictures and tutorials I can hardly contain myself! However, I'm going to have to pace my posting because between the 855 pictures I have from San Diego (and many, many stories to go with them of course), the completion of my backpacking pack by the hubs and the completion of two lovely birthday gifts for our sisters this month I am going to be a posting machine in the next few days and weeks!

The San Diego trip was just so wonderful and contained so many adventures, I am thinking of breaking it up over several weeks... designating one day per week as kind of the "San Diego Vaca Post Day" ...opinions? Suggestions? A catchy title, anyone?

As for the posting of the birthday gifts tutorials, those will clearly have to wait until they have been received by their respective sisters as not to ruin the surprises. =)

But I am ready and raring to post the beginning to end process of the making of my pack! I know I've been trying to keep you all up to date as we go, but soon you will see it start to finish in one tidy post. That will probably be the first of these DIY projects to arrive here on our humble little page.

Okay folks, that's all for tonight. I realize a lot of my posts lately have been telling you what to expect, but the time has come... the posts are soon arriving! =) Thanks to all you wonderful friends and family out there who read our writings... we love you all and appreciate you very much!

Waiting anxiously to reveal our creations...

The Youngs

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