Thursday, April 29, 2010

Once Upon a Camping Trip

Last weekend Mr. Young and I decided {rather last minute I might add} to go camping at Palo Duro Canyon; the second largest canyon in the nation.  Hubs arrived home just a bit earlier than the usual time, we packed ourselves {and Miss Bayley}, loaded up the car and headed out!

We arrived just before sunset, got checked in and drove down into the canyon... it was beautiful.

It was dark by the time we got our tent set up and a fire started, but all was well. 
Bayley couldn't quite figure out the whole "tie out" concept...
kept running through the picnic table... lol

The night was chilly.  Hubs and I were fine in our 30 degree sleeping bags, but Miss Bayley was shivering.  She spent most of the night in one or the other of our sleeping bags.  Good morning Bayley!  =)  Stayin toasty with dad...

We had some delicious oatmeal and smores for breakfast (haha) then headed out on the trail

To the top right of my hubby you can see our goal; the lighthouse.
{The trail we were hiking was The Lighthouse Trail}

Lots of beautiful sites... and beautiful flowers...

Finally {and after one insane 60 degree incline}, we are within reach... Good job, Bayley!!!

And then we hiked the rest of the way; right up to it...

Yay Us!!!  We're so proud... it was a fun little jaunt.  =)

All in all, a successful mini hiking trip.  =)
We had so much fun together... it was great to get away from the business and distractions of life and focus on spending some quality time together.
Palo Duro Canyon, we will see you again soon... =)


  1. looks like you guys had great time! I would just like to say that you inspired me to get back to my blog! So thank you!

  2. s'mores - the breakfast of champions! we are so going camping there soon. i'm thinking i can convince the hubs to go on the way to lubbock for a football game or friend visit.


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