Monday, April 26, 2010

Balboa Park Botanical Gardens: Saturday, Day 3

 So I realize that I've already posted today, but I was looking back through recent writing and realized it's been a while since I posted our next adventure from San Diego and there's still quite a bit to go so I better go ahead and make it a two-post day.  =)

On Saturday, Mark and I were SO pumped to go visit our friends, Aaron and Emily Gabbard.  We met up with them earlier in the morning and then met up with the rest of the bunch in the early afternoon to visit the Balboa Park Botanical Gardens... beautiful!

Check out the roots on this tree!!!

I made a goal to capture of all of the unique and beautiful flowers that we saw along the way... there were so many!

A CRAZY hill we climbed... it doesn't look that steep here but we were all panting at the top.  lol  Or maybe we're all just way out of shape... =)

I just couldn't get over all of the amazing flowers!

Another large tree... and of course more flowers!

And finally, a beautiful view of the city from the Balboa Park Bridge

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  1. Looks beautiful! Those tree roots are unbelievable. I'm so happy to see flowers in full bloom after a long, miserable winter. Looks like a great weekend!


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