Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Slothful Saturday

Well, while Mr. Young has proven quite productive today (arising way too early for a Saturday, going for a 50 mile bike ride and currently retrieving the necessary supplies to change the oil in both of our vehicles), I have been utterly useless.

Well, I suppose not totally utterly useless.

I have finally accomplished the major goal (well I consider it major, anyway) of posting our professional wedding pictures up on facebook! This tedious process only took me, oh, about FOUR HOURS. But hey, that's a lot of pictures to sort, upload, organize and tag!

Oh, and might I add that Friday evening may have been rather slothful as well? But there I had a good excuse. I had a horrible headache. Blegh. So I went to bed early. Hubs got me up around 10pm so that I could brush my teeth and take my contacts out. I promptly fell back asleep and did not arise until about 9am this morning. Sooo... not including the nap I took when I got home from subbing, plus the nap I took before I actually went to bed for the night... I still got 11 hours of sleep.

And haven't really done much of anything today...

And the house is a mess...

There are stacks of folded laundry everywhere...

*sigh* So I guess that's my next item to tackle...


  1. My dear, I took a 32 mi. ride, not a 50. Thank you for getting all kinds of stuff done today!


  2. haha I love you hunny! Sorry, I forgot you changed your course due to the weather... still... 32 miles is a LOT! =)

  3. Believe it or not, when Steve and I were first married and we lived in Des Moines, we rode 30-40 miles at least a couple times a week. Unfortunately, we didn't seem to plan real well and would get too far from home to make it back before it would be DARK!!! Wish I had a bike, I would like to start riding again for some exercise.

  4. Kristy, Craigslist is your friiieeeend. lol Pretty much anything that we want and can't afford to aget nice and new we end up finding on there for CHEEEAAAP, cheap, cheap. =)


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