Monday, April 19, 2010

La Jolla Cove: Friday, Day 2

Yes, dear Young Family readers, we are still on Day 2. We packed so much adventure into one little Friday, it was amazing! This is, however, our final adventure from this day.

Karissa and Ryan took us all down to La Jolla (pronouned 'La Hoiya') Cove to see the ocean, seals and tide pools!

At first site of the cove. There are some seals sun bathing on those rocks on the left... we're about to climb through a cave to get a closer look!

From inside the cave...
There's the cave behind us... (Paparazzi, caught!) haha

Then we walked out to where the tide pools are and saw this awesome fisherman dude. Nachelle was thoroughly amused.

WAVE! =) And of course, after I captured Nachelle's wave, we all had to get one!!

This is how excited we were about the waves... LOL

We had another vantage point to view those same seals over to the side here...

We were actually just waiting to see where the waves would break so we knew how far out we could stand for the sunset picture. Turns out, I love this one!

Awe, a heart... and Chelle's in the middle!

Watchin the seals on their beach from above. There was actually another little pup born at 7:45am this day!

Seals, hangin' out...

Gorgeous sunset... I'll live here please.

The view back over the seal beach and across the cove...

It was a little chilly by now. I asked Karissa where her hands went and this is how she responded, "WHAT?! MY HAAANDS!!!" LOL

We had so much fun!

Adios, La Jolla Cove!


  1. I went to La Jolla beach around this time of year in 08. It was beautiful and it became the beach we kept going back to. The water was freezing but we kept swimming anyways!

  2. I don't know hunny. You call BMCD and organize the transfer. We'll move. =)


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