Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DIY Light Weight Pack: COMPLETED!

This project is a testament to my hubs ability to do anything he puts his mind to, including teaching his manly man self to sew! =) Currently, Mr. Young is more experienced in the ways of sewing than I. haha

So anyway... a couple of years ago he started getting excited about the prospect of backpacking and found plans online to make his own light weight pack. After he finished his own (and quite successfully I might add) I, of course, requested one in purple. A few years later, we (let's face it... I wasn't very involved -- he) decided to tackle my pack so that we can finally begin taking the adventures we have long planned and dreamed of. Here's the process start to finish!

Mind you, this isn't really a tutorial because the plans would be pretty intricate to type up on here... but you can see our photo journey of the project anyway...

The plans for laying the pieces out on the material in order to fit them all... we actually devised a better way that left more usable scrap material in the end. =)

Mr. Young cut the pieces...

Then passed them to me to singe the edges...

Cutting and matching the "strappy" pieces (Mr. Young I'm sure has more precise terms for these)...

Workin that sewing machine like a pro. These are the straps he's working on here...

Strap, check! =)

Prepping the back to sew...

The back! =) (That's his pack on the left, the sleeping pad serves as the frame for these light weight packs)

Look, I can help too! Actually, after I singed edges, I mostly just took pictures... lol

The pretty part!!! Here comes the purple! Adding the sides and front...

FINISHED!!! (I missed the pockets and details part... he did a LOT of work in one night to finish it and I was busy with some other projects of my own, therefore missed some of the progressive picture opportunities...)

His and Hers packs! (Mine's way pretty. Purple is totally better.)

Tryin it on for size. =)

Bring it on mother nature, I'm ready to go!!! =D

This pack cost us a total of about $30 and a weekend's worth of time as opposed to store bought pack which, okay is considerably less hassle, but also ranges within the painful cost of $100-$250!
I don't know about you, but we vote the DIY pack!  =)

We so cannot wait to get going. We already have an amazing trip we're planning for our anniversary. All hubs does these days is research possible trips for us! We're both chomping at the bit. Praise the LORD for nice weather so that we can finally get out in His beautiful creation!!!

It's going to be a BLAST! =)

Okay folks... stay tuned tomorrow for our next San Diego Adventures update... night!


  1. Yep the purple is KING... but I gotta thing for green!! They're both awesome! I can't believe HUBS did this!! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT... HE's an engineer!!!
    You'll have to one-up him on car repairs now!!
    Now on to Mark and Whit's excellent adventure... can't wait for the "critter" capers you'll encounter!
    Love you both! :)

  2. Carrie @ comfortedbyGod.blogspot.com

    Dear Young Family--I stumbled across your blog...totally love the pics! I actually sew very well and Im totally impressed with your hubbys sewing skills! Ive sewn a lot of things, but never a backpack. Great job!

    On another note, I LOVE that you affirm your husband! Your first sentence really caught my attention that he does a lot of things well. Im sure that really makes him feel good about himself and YOU! Great job as a new wife!

  3. My goodness - I can't believe you guys made these! What a great idea! Would love to have you stop by The Sunday Showcase Party if you get a chance! I'm super impressed - Look like a fabulous pack! Happy Hiking!


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