Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HELP! In Need of a Tie Rack!

Okay readers, it's your time to shine! 

I need help.  

My husbands ties are driving me crazy.  They're slung over a regular hanger and with his clothes on the top and mine on the bottom, they drag all over my clothes making it difficult to see them, cover up my flip flops {which abide on the shelf below}and slip off easily and often as we push hangers back and forth.

Here is my challenge to you.

I have been looking online for a DIY tie rack with no success.  
Can you find one?  
Can you come up with an original idea of how I might make one?

I really need some help here but just can't believe that I have to go buy one.  There has to be a simple way to make one myself.  =)

Okay y'all, let me know what you come up with!

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  1. I have got an idea, I am going on one that had been purchased for me so the structure is not that original but .....

    so hang down a piece of cloth or wood or some other material that you can stick something through and it stay semi ridged. Then put holes through it down the length of it however many you need, the cloth I would do two or the wood just go straight through the center. then take some dowel rod or something that support a tie and stick it through the hole in the hangy down middle part and allow some rod to stick out on either side of the middle part. Then attach it to something that would allow it to hang (hook part of a hanger?)

    it should look something like this....


    that as good as I could do in key board talk. I think your could come up with something neat to make it out of. If that doesn't make since let me know and I can send you a Pic of mine or try to explain it better. I put Ties and Belts on mine its been a good use!


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