Monday, April 26, 2010

Ocean Rocks in a Jar

One of our last adventures in San Diego was collecting some ocean rocks from the beach, in the dark, at high tide.  It was an adventure to say the least!

Of course, smuggling a 20lb bag of rocks  through airport security in a carry-on bag is bound to turn some heads so I was definitely searched.  Thankfully the security guard who searched my bag-O-rocks totally understood the obsession as his daughter collects ocean rocks when she visits him as well.  =)

Well I just knew I would find a fun jar to put my precious ocean rocks in when I came home and low and behold, I have found a wonderful one.

I added a couple of shells Ryan found for me as well as the twine at the top to give it a little more of a "beachy" feel.
I love the cork and love the shape... I think it turned out great!  

"Ocean Rocks in a Jar" Cost Breakdown:
Rocks = Free compliments of the Pacific Ocean  =)
Jar = $1.00, local Salvation Army store
Twine = Free, had some on hand

PS - Special shout out and thanks to the awesome peeps who braved the dark tide to collect rocks with me!  
Thanks Karissa, Ryan & Sarah!!!

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  1. This post made me think of a funny story about airport security from our honeymoon. My husband was sweet enough to buy me 2 of those morovian mexican stars that I wanted so bad. Well, we were stopped at airport security and were practically stripped searched. Apparently, the officers were afraid that the stars could be used as weapons, so we had to check them in under tight security. Crazy! Glad you got your rocks all the way home:)


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