Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Journey to San Diego: Thursday, Day 1

Well at first I decided I was going to post our San Diego adventures by each day. Then I spent an entire day editing those pictures and realized just how MUCH we did in each day we were there! So I've changed my mind. I will post one adventure at a time. =)

Okay folks, now presenting, our San Diego Adventures...

The Journey to San Diego: Thursday, Day 1...

This will be a short one since our plane didn't even leave Amarillo until 6:05pm. For any of those who have experienced the wrath of the panhandle winds, you can relate to this. It was "blustery" day in the panhandle with winds gusting upwards of 50 mph which made our departure out of Amarillo a bit sketchy. Given that I grew up in small planes with my dad piloting, I can honestly say there have been few flying situations that have ever made me nervous... I believe this one ranked. I've never been in a commercial aircraft that pitched to the side like that... crazy. But we made it to Denver where it was a sketchy landing as well due to the approaching storm. This was actually quite exciting for me when I realized, I've never flown in the rain before... new experience, woo! May sound strange, but I was actually quite excited about this.

Clearly... because I took a picture... After another bumpy ride out of Denver we finally touched down on the San Diego tarmac at 9:20pm, found our rental car and started on our way to Ryan and Karissa's apartment. We couldn't have been on the road more than two minutes when we had our first encounter with the "California style" of driving. Never seen anything like it... crazy Californians... dude tried to run us out of our lane... and he knew we were there! *sigh* It was a bit shocking. lol

When we finally found the apartments Karissa flagged us down in the middle of the road. We were SO excited to see her, Ryan and Nachelle... been looking forward to this since Thanksgiving when we first came up with the idea!!! We had of course vowed on the plane that we would not stay up late chatting but would go to bed early as we needed to. Not sure why we even thought that was a slight possibility. So we stayed up chatting, laughing and catching up...

and I took this picture of Ryan and Tychon...
That dog is so stinking hilarious. There's just something about his voice... makes me nearly pee my pants.

And that's it really because then we went to bed. The next few days are FULL of adventures and craziness... this is only the beginning! =)

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  1. I saw the pic and started crackin' up...that's soooo funny! Should be some caption like..."that mouse was scary...I feel safer up here dad!" haha

    anxious for more....
    Mom :)


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