Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sara's DIY Birthday Gift: Singed Flower Clips & Headband

I got the tutorial for this awesome little DIY project from Craftaholics Anonymous. It's so cute!!! I was instantly sold and wanted to make my own singed flower accessories to match everything I own! =) Anyway... this is my attempt at it, I thought they turned out cute! And we made it a birthday gift for hub's little sister, Sara. =) Happy Birthday Sara!

First off, supplies. The whole gift was under $20 and that was with buying WAY more satin ribbon, clips and buttons than I needed... extras to make some for myself, yay! =)

Supplies: 4" satin ribbon, headband, clips and buttons

Cut successively smaller circles from the satin material. I did mine free hand (per suggestion from the instructions I found) in order to make the flowers imperfect. My largest circle was about 3 1/2" wide. As you can see, I used four.

Singe the edges of each circle. Allowing the edges to curl up makes a neat effect. =)

Sew buttons through the center of the flower. This was a little tricky on the first few stitches, keeping the circles together and centered, but I worked with it and it wasn't too bad...

After the flowers were put together I simply decided what color of clips I wanted to put them on and used a hot glue gun to attach them. (For the headband, I did use some thread to help tie the flower in place before I glued it in order to set it at the angle I wanted it at.)

Ta-Da! Miss Sara said she loved them. I'm glad! I love them too... I'm making some for myself ASAP! =D


  1. Whitney these are just too cute. You have inspired me to make some for myself!!

  2. thanks, Whit.... I <3 them and wear them almost every day! I am making more for friends... lots of b-days in the summer... :) -Sara


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