Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm a Survivor!!!

Welp, yesterday as we were laying around on this lazy Easter Sunday afternoon, sometime around 4:00pm the floor started to rumble a bit and swim around like a waterbed. It took a moment for the five of us to slowly come to realize what in the heck was going on. After the swimming got a little more intense I finally look up at Sarah who says to me, "I think we're having an earthquake?" ...I have arrived at the same conclusion. Nachelle is the only one with enough wherewithal to head for the door, though by the time she gets close it settles down... lol

This is about the moment where we all start screaming, "WE SURVIVED AN EARTHQUAKE!!!" And immediately update all of our facebook statuses to share our survival with the world. lol Fun times.

Apparently the epicenter was in Baja California, MX... can't figure out how many miles that is from SD because Google is being ridiculous.

Anyway, fun stuff! An accomplishment to be certain. =)

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  1. Soooo thankful it was not severe...and you could laugh about your "survival"! Enjoy the rest of your trip...hope it's less eventful. :)
    Love you,


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