Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A (somewhat) Torturous Tuesday

Today began like this...Then developed into this...
Which resulted in four hours of this...
(wish my bedroom looked this heavenly...)

When I woke, my migraine had only mostly subsided.

I hate headaches.

On the bright side, it has continued to diminish throughout the remainder of the evening.

It did improve enough that I was still able to accomplish a much needed Walmart run (lack of milk is just unacceptable in the Young household when hubs needs his daily espresso), fix a delicious pancake dinner, clean up the kitchen (mostly), fold laundry and work up a sweat with my work out.

I was even able to take a few minutes to poke around on some new blogs that I've found! Lots of creativity going on and I have lots of new ideas thanks to my new blog buddies! =)

I would say that in spite of the pain during the greater part of the day, Tuesday was still successful.

Oh, and an insanely amazing shout out to Ms Klein who arranged for me to go home from work a few hours early so that I could battle with my migraine. Don't know how I would have made it through the rest of the day with that bugger!

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  1. Argh, migraines are no fun at all! Sorry you had to suffer:( I've had a dull headache ALL day today due to allergies. I feel your pain sister!


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