Sunday, April 18, 2010

I want to cut my hair...

but I always chicken out.

The original plan was to chop it off as soon as I got back from honeymoon... that was almost a year ago. Well, as it seems to always go, when we returned I magically began having really good hair days with my crazy long hair! So I had my lovely, talented stylist, Hannah, cut some fashionably thin and awesome layers into my long locks to help them out and I loved it.

So I chilled with that for a while.

Then we moved to Texas.This is where I got my next inkling to snip the strands again. However, now I'm 9 hours away from my glorious stylist, oh wait, she moved to NYC after we moved to TX. Awesome. So after putting it off for some time I finally grin and bear it; found a stylist in town (after lots of researching and questioning that probably made me the most annoying customer ever) and got a "trim" to test her out. Didn't go well.

This experience I have since lovingly referred to as the "Texas chop job."

Then I received a glorious email from Hannah letting me know that she has decided to start flying in from NYC every three weeks to do hair. So you guessed it, I now schedule my trips to KC accordingly with her trips to KC just so that she can cut my hair. She's that good.

So the first time I got to see Hannah since the infamous "Texas chop job" was my most recent hair cut. She was aghast. Seeing panic span her face as she tousled my tangles I told her, "These are the remnants of my Texas chop job." To which she exhaled a large sigh of relief and said, "Thank God! I was standing here thinking, 'I didn't do this to her hair, did I?!'" LOL

So I talked to Hannah (again) about my dreams of cutting the locks loose. Told her I want to have enough to donate it and we talked length. Then told her the type of style I've been looking at and she said that currently, my remaining layers from the "Texas chop job" are still too short for my ideal styles to turn out right. Sigh Sooo... I'm still waiting for those to grow.

In the mean time, give me your opinions, readers. You can scan through some past posts to see my hair currently and here are a few pics of my ideas... feel free to leave links to ideas you have as well! =)

I'm getting quite anxious... grow hair, grow!


  1. OK...for what it is worth, my choices would be
    #1 - the bottom style
    #2 - the top style
    #3 - the middle style

    I am not a hairdresser or talented as far as doing hair, but these are my preferences!

  2. My choices are in the order that they are shown.

    #1 Rihanna
    #2 Victoria Beckham
    #3 Kristin Cavallari.

    I just got a form of #2.
    Any of them will look really cute on you though.

    Te amo Prima

  3. Awww!!! I feel SO special and loved! Thanks for the sweet post! I like the Rihanna, we could always start there and then go shorter, say Posh-ish, once you tire of the Rihanna. Although, the Posh or Kristin would work better for the remaining 'Texas layers'! :)


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