Friday, April 16, 2010

Downtown SD & Point Loma: Friday, Day 2

Going through downtown SD on our way to Point Loma from Coronado...

My sweet pic... taken without looking out of a moving vehicle. It totally looks like a stock photo. lol

Where's Waldo: Can you find the apple? LOL

Heading through the Point Loma campus to reach the ocean! =)

Point Loma has a Young Hall! =) I knew it, we're meant to live in San Diego.

The path to reach the water was slightly treacherous... I'm well awayre what a dork I look like here. I'm not a graceful climber, I've accepted that.

Ahhh, beautiful view.

Hola Prima!
Looks like the water is parting around us! LOL We're actually standing upon a rather high cliff edge to which I was quite nervous to turn my back on....

I'm aware this may be cruel, but I was cheering about a surfer who had just wiped out big time... lol

Mark's having a personal discussion with his new friend... hahaha =)

Eventually we made our way all the way down to the water. Here we are in front of the cave Karissa and I are about to crawl into...

From the inside of the cave. Nachelle saw fit not to share with us until later that as we crawled further in, a large swarm of somethings came flying out... thankfully we never saw them while we were in there but it gave me the heebie geebies!!!

The crew strolling down the beach... the tide is upon us and see that cliff sticking out ahead of us? We're about to go around that. Had to time it just right with the waves... lol

EEEWWW!!! They're picking it's nose!!!

On the way back... the tide was even MORE upon us!!! Moments after taking this picture I slipped on a wet rock as I was scampering across trying to beat the ominous waves... lol

This surfer dude's dog was so cute. He sat on the beach watching his owner surf until he started to swim in, then the doggie raced out to meet him! Too cute! =)

The Sullivans. =)

Gorgeous view!

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