Sunday, January 16, 2011

101 in 1001

Inspired by my friend Jenny, I too have decided to set a few goals for myself by creating a list of 
"101 things to do in 1001 days."

Some are fun, some are more serious, but they're all measurable goals and I think it will be great to have a list to check off and see how much I accomplish in these following 1001 days!

Here are my goals:

1. Write a letter to myself for the end of 1001 days
2. Make daily blog posts for one month
3. Fit back into my ‘skinny’ clothes
4. Grow my hair out again
5. Read a classic novel - 06/26/11 Pride & Prejudice
6. Play three favorite songs on guitar
7. Practice piano regularly for one month - 03/14->04/21/11
8. Journal regularly for one month
9. Make a T-shirt quilt from GAL shirts
10. Floss daily for a month
11. Graduate with my BME - 05/07/11
12. Start my career - 07/01/11 HS Choral Director
13. Get Skylar fully potty trained
14. Don't complain for a week
15. Learn to crochet
16. Take a picture everyday for a month
17. Buy and wear flat boots
18. Buy a new pair of sweats and wear them all day
19. Comment on 5 new blogs
20. Go one week without hitting snooze
21. Talk positively about myself for a week
22. Go one week without television 
23. Meet regularly with my accountability partner - Summer 2011
24. Complete 5 crafts in my “Whit’s Projects” folder
25. Complete a 5k
26. Paint something with chalkboard paint
27. Go a full week 100% makeup free - 07/23/11
28. Knit/crochet a shawl (like Sandy’s!)
29. Do a health cleanse
30. Get 9 hours of sleep per night for one week
31. Keep my clothes consistently put away for a week
32. Write & send a Christmas newsletter
33. Pay off Mark’s student loans - 01/30/11
34. Pay off my student loans 
35. Read and go through The Love Dare
36. Make breakfast for Mark every morning for a week
37. Complete our Kansas City: Then & Now dates
38. Attend a marriage retreat
39. Write sweet notes to Mark
40. Go through a couple's devotional
41. Go on a weekend getaway
42. Plan a surprise for Mark - 06/27/11
43. Take a video of Mark and I everyday for a week
44. Establish a family calendar - 01/18/11
45. Complete ‘vows’ project - 02/14/11
46. Start a family (assuming it’s the Lord’s timing)
47. Create nursery for said expanding family 
48. Groom our dogs at home - 01/23/11
49. Make homemade shampoo & conditioner
50. Have a DIY Christmas
51. Paint the interior of our home
52. Paint the exterior of our home
53. Start a garden - 05/08/11
54. Complete my ‘window garden’
55. Complete our landscaping project
56. Do the mending I've neglected
57. Invite someone new over for dinner - 03/11
58. Organize & arrange the basement
59. Organize & arrange the guest bedroom
60. Reupholster our garage sale furniture
61. Refinish the white dresser
62. Put pictures in all our empty frames
63. Host overnight guests
64. Make homemade laundry detergent
65. Finish the laundry room
66. Create a gift-wrapping/crafting organization station
67. Create a chore schedule for myself
68. Sort through & reorganize ‘storage stuff’
69. Get the house rekeyed - 02/09/11
70. Try 5 new local restaurants
71. Visit the observatory
72. Take a road trip
73. Plan a day of fun with my little niece, Kinley
74. Go to a flea market
75. Go bowling with friends
76. Attend a musical at my old high school
77. Get involved with a small group
78. Step up to serve in a ministry role - 03/13/11
79. Memorize the books of the Bible
80. Read the Bible cover to cover
81. Read 3 new 'godly wife' books
82. Make a meal for someone who needs it
83. Write a thank you note, just because
84. Tip 50% 
85. Do 5 random acts of kindness
86. Make baby blankets to donate
87. Pay for a friend's meal when they don't expect it
88. Give a random gift - 04/16/11
89. Write notes of encouragement
90. Make my own bread
91. Make chicken & dumplings - 01/18/11
92. Make a sour cream apple pie
93. Make a successful pumpkin pie
94. Finish my recipe book
95. Participate in a recipe swap
96. Make orange juice with fresh squeezed oranges
97. Try 5 new ‘outside the box’ recipes
98. Get a food processor
99. Get a nice cutlery set
100. Make a cake from scratch
101. Make strawberry jam - 06/21/11

My Start date is Sunday, January 16, 2011
My Deadline date is Sunday, October 13, 2013

I will update you via this post and others periodically so that you can see what I'm checking off the list.


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