Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Down, Thirty-Four to Go...

So today was my first in seven weeks of student teaching at my elementary placement.

It went well!

We're teaching the instrument families of the orchestra to the 3rd grade, so my cooperating teacher and myself decided it would be fun for me to bring in my violin to do some demonstrating.

Well I was able to do one better when I dug out my old 3/4 violin -- you know, one of those good ol' "rent to own" little guys from Meyer Music?  So I took them both to school, did some demo and while we rotated through singing/playing with percussion instruments, each student got a turn to play the violin! 

They seemed really excited, a few even came up to me at lunch and said, "Mrs. Young, thank you for teaching me to play the violin!"  It was very sweet.  =)

All in all, a successful first official day of student teaching at the elementary.

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  1. Whitney! I loved seeing you over break(:
    Would you please tell Mark how much he helped me? They fired that teacher that we all disliked so much and had a new one today and I was the only one who could answer the problems.

    Love you <3


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