Friday, May 13, 2011

101 in 1001 Update

*~*~* Day 117 of 1001 *~*~*
...and going strong...

The following list is compiled of things that I have 100% accomplished!

7. Practice piano regularly for one month
March 7, 2011 - April 21, 2011 
I hadn't even thought when I put this goal on my list that student teaching would be the perfect enabler to accomplish it!  I've been student teaching at the high school for about six weeks now {thus practicing every day} and can already see a vast improvement in my piano skills.  It's amazing what a little practice time will do!

11. Graduate with my BME
May 7, 2011
After six years {including the year off in Texas} and lots of hard work, I've finally done it!

53. Start a garden
May 8, 2011
Last weekend my hubby put the plants in the ground!  I've felt like I almost cheated on this goal though because form the planting to the watering {save one time} to the building of the garden area and putting them in the ground... it's all been my hubby!  But I get to enjoy the spoils... =)

57. Invite someone new over for dinner
March 2011
Some dear friends of ours, the Edlin's, joined us for dinner several weeks ago.  Unfortunately I can't remember the exact date and I forgot to take a picture! {Lame}  But it was a great time.  We ate, talked and played speed scrabble!

78. Step up to serve in a ministry role
March 13, 2011
The roles my husband and I have stepped into at our church were actually the last thing I expected when I wrote this goal.  I had thought more along the lines of leading a small group or jumping in to serve with a team somewhere.  Goes to show how God surprises us.  Our church has been without a worship pater for about a year and a half now and while several different people had stepped in temporarily, the weekend of March 13th Mark and I became the next "gap fillers" as you could call us.  We have been serving as "interim worship leaders" at our home church since then.  Certainly unexpected, but we are happy to assist in filling gaps where we are needed in order hopefully help serve and grow our church family and community.

86. Give a random gift
April 16, 2011
I didn't realize until going through my list just now that I'd actually "fulfilled" this goal.  I don't really wish to elaborate on this one, as that seems kind of awkward.  But I'd simply say that I responded to the prompting of the Spirit to take care of a need for a dear friend of mine in order to help lighten her load, even if only a little.  =)  PS, if you've never given an unplanned gift, you should.  It's a wonderful blessing to both the giver and the recipient.

The following list is compiled of things that I have began, but are not yet complete:

4. Grow my hair out again
This will obviously be in progress for a while... but look at how long it's getting!

13. Get Skylar fully potty trained
In the past 96 days we have progressed from Skylar having accidents about three times a week to approximately one accident every two-three weeks.  We decided to start leaving him out of his kennel when we left for short trips (1-2 hours) to see how he did.  He was great.  This week we tested leaving him out for the full day while we were at work/school on both Wednesday and Thursday and he was perfect!  Yay for progress... we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!
{For those of you who might not know or remember, we are breaking a five year habit of pottying whenever, wherever he wanted.  To see Skylar's story and how we inherited him, click here.}

42. Plan a surprise for Mark
The surprise is planned.  He knows it's coming and he knows it's a birthday gift, but other than that he is clueless... and that's how I like it.  =D  I'll reveal it to you under the "completed" list after it has been revealed to him!

51. Paint the interior of our home
Paint is on the walls, my friends!!!  The main level of our home is completely painted as well as the stairwell and upstairs landing.  All that remains are the two bedrooms and upstairs bathroom and the basement.  Can't wait to reveal the completed project!

60. Reupholster our garage sale furniture
On the Monday of spring break, my mom-in-law, two sister-in-laws and myself made a trip to some super affordable fabric stores down in Springfield where I found fabric to cover three of our four reupholstery projects.  The fabric I needed the largest amount of had to be back ordered and arrived a few weeks ago... Here I've draped and and tucked it into the chair to try to see what it would look like with our freshly painted walls!  It is lurvely.  =) 

And there you have it folks, progress.

Now let's look at how how I'm really standing here...

Day 117 of 1001 means we are just about 12% of the way progressed toward my deadline.
With a total of 12 completed goals and 10 goals that are an average of 50% complete, I'm about 17% of the way through my goals... which puts me right on track and even a bit ahead of schedule!

It's been so fun to track my goals and progress this way...  
You should try it!   =D

If you would like to check out the original "101 in 1001" post you can click here.  I'll be updating it with completion dates and links to update posts {such as this one} as I go.


  1. You came to Springfield and didn't see me!! WHAT!!! I bet it was FM fabric store:) Just guessing! Miss you choir buddy<3

  2. It was!!! It was a quick trip, we drove down in the morning and back in the afternoon... spent the entire day in fabric stores! lol It was worth it though. I did think of you!!!! I wanted to call you, if we'd had any extra time I would have! =) Miss you... how's your life?


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