Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Call Me "Snack"

Day two.  Thirty-three remaining.

Today, I became the tasty afternoon snack to a class full of kindergarteners.

I've taught the kindergarteners before and it went GREAT!  Which was why I was fearless in taking them on first in my student teaching.

I'm not sure if today was just a bad day for the kids, for me, for both or if my other experiences were just a fluke... but
it. was. not. pretty.

I thought that starting off on a good note was supposed to last longer than just the first day!  LOL  


Oh well... tomorrow is a new day, right?  And I shall face the kindergarteners again... oh boy.

PS, I'm starting to feel old.
First of all, my little sister-in-law made a remark over Christmas break about a beloved music artist of mine being "too 80's for her."  Ouch.  
Also, I'm finding that on only the second day of student teaching, all I want is to delve into a good book on my way to bed right now.  Yes... right now... note the time stamp.  ;)

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  1. hey... whit.. u know I love U!!!!! :) <3 but... his music.... really. ;)<3 Sara


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