Monday, January 10, 2011

What I love about being a music teacher

1) Summer break
2) Thanksgiving break
3) Christmas break
4) Spring break
5) Easter break
6) of COURSE I love the music & kiddos ;)

...and last but definitely not least...

Yes folks, today is a snow day, WOO!!! 

There's something especially magical and exciting about the first snow day of the year, wouldn't you agree?  
No matter student or teacher, seeing the name of your school district flash across the bottom of the news screen in the morning sends little tingles of joy from your head to toes!

Okay, okay... I realize that maybe as a parent with a normal, non-teaching job, snow days may present a bit of a stressor... 
...but I'm a teacher and I LOVE THEM!  =D

So what does this snow day mean for me?
An entire day of quiet house 
(the regular 9 to 5ers still had to go to work, tee hee!) 
and I have all day to...

Play in blog world
Catch up on laundry/house cleaning/organizing (YES!!!)
Work ahead on lesson plans
Bathe & trim Sir Skylar
Do a bit of baking & cooking
Start my GAL T-shirt quilt
Possibly write a "101 in 1001" list, inspired by my friend Jenny

Yes folks, it's going to be a lovely day!

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  1. Aww...thanks for the nod! I totally agree.....Snow days are magical!


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