Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today I...

Didn't shower.
Was late to school/guitar club.
Played G, C & D chords (taught by a 4th grader).
Made a child cry.
Helped another child stop crying.
Was hugged and hugged back.
Faced kindergarten again... successfully.
Saved a "squishy."
Tied a shoe.
Watched 1st grade go wild.
Fixed a pony tail.
Taught 2nd grade.
Made dinner.
Straightened the house.
Kissed my hubby.
Loved on puppies.
Spent time with a dear friend.
Scheduled dinner with family.
Wrote this post...

And tomorrow I'll probably do it all over again...
Hopefully save the parts about running late, not bathing and making children cry.  ;)

Oh, while straightening house, I pulled out several of my GAL T-shirts and have decided I would like to make a T-shirt quilt out of them.  I've never made one before and was hoping if anyone has any pointers on making T-shirt quilts, that you would please share!

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  1. Ryan made a t-shirt blanket with his navy shirt. He could probably help. He can also tell you what not to do HAHA!

    Love Ya -Karissa


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