Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Creative juices flowing

So I bought the material I need to finish my T-shirt quilt, yay!

I also bought buttons to use on my write warmers.  I've got several pair made now and I'm loving them!  I can't wait to put the flowers and buttons on them to finish 'em off.

Here's the tutorial I got the idea from:

They're precious, I love them! 

So, as I said I would report...
So far today I've gotten the laundry put away, made my errand runs and worked on my DIY projects.

Okay, so I wasn't as productive as I had wanted to be, but I'm still chalking it up to a successful day.
I'll still refigure my lesson plans yet tonight and am hopeful of getting Sir Skylar his long awaited bath -- he needs it.  But I suppose his hair cut and the lingering Christmas in our home can wait another day or two.  ;)

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