Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Many a'spoon in the pot

Welp, going on snow day number 3!

If you had told me on Sunday that this would be a two day week, I'd have laughed at you.

Snow Day #1:
I was super wife!
I made potato soup, baked cookies, caught up in blog world, wrote a few posts, started my T-shirt quilt, did six loads of laundry, straightened house, cleaned house, played with puppies and was still go, go, going when hubby got home from work!

Snow Day #2:
Slightly less productive in those more measurable ways...
I folded a load of laundry while the last load (in the entire house!) dried, took a dear (very pregnant) friend grocery shopping to assist in carrying enough food to feed 80-100 college students, ventured to Hobby Lobby only to realize I hadn't thought thoroughly enough about my intended purchase, visited the thrift store for a few sweaters, fought with my sewing machine for a good hour, finally got it working right and started cutting up said sweaters and working on my wrist warmers.
When hubby came home the basement was a disastrous mountain range of folded laundry piles, sweater scraps and loose threads... but he didn't seem to mind.  =)

Snow Day #3: 
Wow, three in a row, really?
I'm banking on this being the last day off I'll get for some time so this has got to be the finale of all my To-Do's this week!

I would like to accomplish the following:

1) Put away my mountainous piles of clean laundry
2) Reorganize my lesson planning 
(since the rotation is all funky now)
3) Bathe & trim Skylar (that was on day #1's list, woops)
4) Revisit Hobby Lobby / JoAnn's
5) Put away the Christmas tree and other distinctly Christmas decor
6) Continue work on my various projects 
(wrist warmers, baby clips, t-shirt quilt, etc.)

I do this often... I get multiple projects going at once because when I hit a bump in the road with one and get frustrated I need to take a break.  However, creative juices are still flowing so I end up starting up another project!  

It's rather hysterical.  

Well, my aim is to have at least two of my current three projects finished by the end of this weekend.  That would give me quite a sense of accomplishment!  =)

I'm sure I'll be checking back in to report my progress...
well, until then!

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