Wednesday, August 10, 2011

101 in 1001 Update

*~*~* Day 206 of 1001 *~*~*

A list of things I've completed since my last update:

5. Read a classic novel
June 26, 2011
I enjoyed every minute of this brilliant novel.  Though reading the book usually causes one to look down on the movie in most cases, this was just the opposite.  I loved reading Austen's expansions on characters which weren't elaborated on in the movie.  It helped me better understand some moments on screen that had always baffled me.  Loved it.

12. Start my career
July 1, 2011
On July 1st I was officially hired as the new choral director at a local high school.  I am pumped and feeling incredibly blessed.  Excited and anxious all at the same time.  School starts in less than a week, ahhh!  =)
PS, I already had my first performance with the chamber choir at the Royal's game a few weeks ago, they did awesome!

23. Meet Regularly with my accountability partner
Summer 2011
Pictured above is my lovely accountability partner, Britney, with her awesome hubby, Travis.  Brit and I have been accountability partners for a few years now and at times have met more regularly than others.  This past year has been rather irregular so when summer started we made a goal to make weekly meetings together a priority.  It has been great and we have grown a lot!  Also in this post you will see updates about my week 100% make-up free and a new 'Godly wife' book I'm working through... both of these have been/are being ventured through with the lovely Britney.  =)

27. Go a full week 100% make-up free
July 23, 2011
Mentioned above, my accountability partner, Britney, and I recently challenged each other to one week 100% make-up free.  You can read more about what I learned that week in my full post here.

42. Plan a surprise for Mark
June 27, 2011
Talented photographer and beloved friend, Kristin Smetona, helped me create a one-of-a-kind birthday gift for my husband with a boudoir photo session.  Yes, this is personal and yes, I'm sharing this in blogland.  Why?  Because I believe this is a wonderful gift for any woman to give to her husband and I love what Kristin has to say on the matter... if you want to hear more about that, ask.  =)  Click here to check out Smetona Photo.

101. Make strawberry jam
June 21, 2011
Our freezer is now stocked with this deliciousness.  

A list of things in progress since my last update:

24. Complete 5 crafts in my "Whit's Projects" folder
"Whit Projects" craft #3 = Baby Burp Cloths

56. Do the mending I've neglected
This was a large pile, okay folks?  But I sat down in one day and tackled everything except the jeans which I need to purchase patches for -- yay me!  =)

79. Read 3 new 'Godly wife' books
The Power of a Praying Wife is the first 'Godly wife' book I am tackling.  Together with my accountability partner, Britney, I am examining my own heart while committing to intentional prayer for my husband.  Highly recommended book!  =)

81. Do 5 random acts of kindness
Okay, well I feel a little weird sharing my random acts of kindness because that almost feels like bragging... so I'm just going to leave it at I took an opportunity to help a stranger I met while running errands... I think it may have blessed me more than him.  And that was #1 of 5.

Click here to check out the original "101 in 1001" post.  
I'll be updating it with completion dates and links to update posts {such as this one} as I go.

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