Friday, July 23, 2010

Seven Day Forecast

A predictive summary of the week ahead of me:

{I wish that were my chandelier and those were my arched windows and doors}

All followed by the long trek from the Texas panhandle back to our KC home... in a U-haul truck.

I've never been a good packer.

Last time we made this move {in reverse} I had the wonderful help of one husband, one father, two mothers, one sister and several friends.

This time the packing is mostly up to me since family is in KC and the hubs will be at work all day every day; except for this weekend during which he has graciously offered all of his mad skills and muscles to my assistance.  =)

You see, with most things in life, I am a go-getter.  I make my list and get it done.
For some reason, packing is a totally different ball game for me.
I am:

A Bad Packer

I hope we get a lot done this weekend because the likelihood of me getting much accomplished without my hub's help... yikes.
Well, I'd get it done... but it would be a gruelingly slow, indecisive, scatterbrained process.

Did I mention that I'm a bad packer?

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  1. haha packing is so frustrating, I agree!

    And in regards to the comment you left me, I would love that more than anything! I predict a lot of future coffee dates and movie dates and food dates to happen between the two of us! :)

    Love you and excited for you to come home!


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