Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fireworks, Fun & A Little Bit of Sun

Well every year since Mark and I started dating I have joined him and his family on their bi-annual trips to Tablerock Lake.  

Here's celebrating the first lake trip of 2010.  

My fifth summer of tagging along, improving my skiing/wakeboarding skills, relaxing with my sweetie and enjoying time spent with a wonderful family I can now legally claim as my own!  =)

First thing's first: Bayley participates in yet another swimming lesson...
{If you couldn't tell, she's not super fond of the water.}
But she's already willing to go deeper than she was last year and she does have webbed feet... truly, she's meant to swim!
Besides, mommy & daddy love the water, so Bayley must learn to love the water as well.
{This will be the rule when children come along as well.}

Readers, might I introduce myself... at one of my finest moments.
Our first run out on the boat and I was a little excited to feel the lake breeze in my face again...
Mark clearly was not as thrilled as I was.  Ha!
No, he was just worn out. 
I'm pretty sure he still doesn't know I snapped this pic while he was shnoozing...
Silly girls and a hungry boy...
And a scalp massage via my hub's toes... lovely.

Headed out for an evening cruise and to steak out a spot for the fireworks show!
I napped on the way out...
Father & Son

The next day, we actually saw the SUN!
Strappin' in for a wakeboard run... I don't look tired or anything... Ha! spite of fatigue, I conquered BOTH wakes!!!
{This is a new accomplishment for me}
...and didn't even get my hair wet, YES!
Since I hadn't wiped out yet, I decided to attempt wakeboarding "goofy foot."
{aka: on your "off" foot}
It took me I think three tries {and some funny falls!}, but I finally got up and made a pretty good little run of it.  Crazy how strange it felt to be up on that other foot!

Then it was my hubby's turn...
He's a rockstar.
We're not even going to talk about how bad he puts my puny efforts to shame...
{What do you think?  Did he land it or not?}
And of course he also took a turn on slalom, though he was a little disappointed his usual ski was in disrepair...

Then it was my dad-in-law's turn...
Mind you this man is turning 49 here in just a few days...
Clearly, he too is a rockstar.

We had a wonderful weekend full of fun, family, games and smiles...
and traveled home {always too soon} with really, really, really sore muscles!
Looking forward to the August trip!

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  1. i want to go to the lake!!! it doesn't look like it will happen until sept. so sad! it looks like y'all had a blast.


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