Friday, July 9, 2010

Fuschia Finalists

Okay Readers,
I've got it narrowed down to two finalists.
{Yes, I know, I'm taking forever to make this decision}

First, remember this is the dress the shoes are going with...

And now, without further ado...
The Fuschia Finalists!

Wild Diva Enya for $18.20

Qupid Dede Ruffle for $21.80

I really need to make my purchase before the day's end, so show me some comment love and...
Let the voting commence!


  1. I'm with #2!!


  2. AND.....your feet will have more room in #2, be cramped in #1, especially your toes!!!

    AND....#2 is just WAY CUTER!!!

    Mom (again)

  3. Number 2 is my vote.
    love your blog.


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