Monday, July 26, 2010

Packing = 95% Complete

Having my wonderful hubby's help this weekend proved much more productive than I had anticipated!  =)

He even "staged" the apartment so that everything we're loading up for my move is in one room.  This way, when our moving crew arrives, we can simply tell them that all boxes/furniture from the guest bedroom is to be loaded.  

I think Friday loading is going to go a lot swifter/easier than we anticipated - thanks to some wonderful folks' assistance!

We called the packing quits at about 4:00pm so that we could get ready to go meet our friends {aka: the moving crew} for dinner and a show.  Saturday evening we met the official requirements for being released from Texas: attending the performance of "Texas" the musical at Palo Duro canyon.  It was so great!

It was an awesome time spent with some wonderful friends.

I'll put a few pictures up whenever I finally get my computer back in working order so that I can upload pictures!  =)  Power cord has been ordered and it should arrive in KC this weekend just ahead of us!

Countdown to the big move: 5 Days

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