Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yummy in My Tummy...

Tonight we're having one of my faaavorite chicken dishes for dinner.

Parmesan Chicken.

Not just any parmesan chicken, the most wonderful parmesan chicken EVER invented.
I found the recipe about a year ago here.
Doesn't that just look amazing?
Well it is.

{My extra little secret, I use a heaping cup of parmesan cheese instead of just 3/4 c... I did it on accident once and it turned out to be the best batch ever!}

This chicken is so good, I don't even make any sauce to go with it... no need. 
Well, it's about time to pull it out of the oven so off I go!

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  1. I want the recipe. The link to "here" doesn't work...on my computer anyway. :(

  2. Glitch officially fixed! I don't know why it didn't work the first time but I redid it and you can either click "here" or the pic... I tested them both and they should be good now! =)


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