Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WARNING: Weak Stomachs Proceed With Caution

Last night Miss Bayley had a bit of an incident.

We were running her around in the field while we watched the sunset -- she runs like a bullet.  She's so stinking fast!  So far, she has been able to out run every dog she's met in her one and a half years.  =)

Well after capturing some beautiful stormy sunset pictures while Bayley took several laps in the field, ran the length of the fence out and back and circled a few final laps through the parking lot, we were ready to go in.  My Hubs had her sit to put her leash back on then looked at me and said, "Babe, she's bleeding..."
"What?"  Then he lifted her front right paw up and it started gushing like a fountain -- crazy.

He scooped her up, put pressure on the gash and we both ran back to the apartment.

We tried for a while to stop the bleeding... We wrapped it up, it bled through in about ten seconds... then we realized, this is really serious.  Twenty minutes and it wasn't slowing down.  If Mark pulled his thumb away for a second blood was spilling everywhere.  Finally we decided we couldn't wait until morning, made peace with paying an after hours charge at the vet and called our Bayley's Dr.

Here's a pic of Mark in the car with her.  We were sitting at the vet's office, waiting for the Dr. to arrive...

Well it turns out she was cut straight through her tendons, muscles and a major vein which was why we couldn't get the bleeding stopped.  We're glad we took her in.

The Dr. put her out and took her into surgery to get everything put back together.  Called us about an hour later to let us know it went well and she was starting to wake up.

It was a stressful, tearful night.

I'm supposed to be able to go pick her up here in about an hour.  They said "lunch time" ...11:30 qualifies as lunch time, right?  I just want to go get her as soon as possible!  I miss my baby.  =(  Not to mention, there was a huge, loud storm last night that I'm sure she was terrified of, locked up in a kennel {she is terrified of kennels too} at the vet's office.

I'm ready to go pick up my baby.  I'm sure she'll have one of those stylish cones on her head so that she doesn't pick at her leg... I'll post some pics of the patient when she returns home.  =)

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  1. poor baby! i'm so glad she is ok. i've had to take my dog to the er vet several times, and it is unbelievably expensive. it is very cool that your vet came out to meet you.


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