Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Curvy, Windy Detoury Road of Life...

Well my friends, just as I was getting back into the rhythm of things my life highway took another curvy little detour!

After my cousin's grad party in southern Mo I got a call that my wonderful mom-in-law was in the hospital with a blood clot, so instead of heading back to TX, I headed north to KC where I have spent the past four days hanging with her and the fam at the hospital.

Clearly not ideal circumstances, but I won't lie; I rather enjoyed the excuse to make an impromptu visit and rather extended stay in KC with family and friends.  It was also quite a joy to have the opportunity to help and serve my in-laws in any way I could as they have done so much for Mark and I.  =)

Well, she was released this afternoon and is back home as we speak, resting and recovering.  =)
It's so great to see her doing better, I love her so much!

Tomorrow morning I will finally head home, anxious to reunite with my hubby and puppy.  =) Say a prayer for me that those Oklahoma and Texas panhandle tornadoes hold off until I've arrived!

So there's my update and excuse for my absence... will this require a doctor's note?  ;)


  1. So glad to here she is doing well. Love you both!

  2. You forgot to add it was a nice excuse to buy new clothes!!!

    Great to see you Whit...even if it was at the hospital.


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