Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Mom is a Rockstar...

Seriously, my mom is amazing.

There are so many incredible things I love about her.

I love how much my mom loves life... she always gets really excited about doing fun and new things...

She has always been there to support me in everything I do...

And I'm pretty sure my mom gets just as excited about things in my life as I do.  =)

She worked so hard to make Mark's and my wedding day perfect and beautiful.  Oh, and PS, she looked amazing at the wedding.  
My mom is super hot.  =)

She's never afraid to be seriously strange and goofy with me...
 Oh, also she helped us move to Texas...

Then put her life on hold when she came back down to visit me three weeks later because I was sad and lonely...

I love that my mom is afraid of heights... even when she's just kneeling on the porch railing... lol

And she plans the most amazing surprises like taking me to see Wicked!

My mom always has been and always will be one of my best friends... as you can see, she's pretty much amazing.

Oh, and did I mention that she's gorgeous?  Well she is.  =)

I love that I look like my mom, act like my mom, talk like my mom, think like my mom....  I mean, let's face it, she's incredible.  So if I'm going to be like anyone, I'm proud to be like her.

I love you so much, mom!  
Happy Mother's Day to a truly amazing, beautiful, selfless mom.


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  1. Oh Whit...this is so sweet!! Absolutely made my day and weekend...the best gift ever!!!

    Thanks for sharing your heart and the pics that remind me how blessed I am to have you in my life. You are a priceless gift to me!!

    AND, I have to tell you the biggest compliment you could give me is to be like me in so many ways (something you maybe couldn't do much about, and in teen years may have wanted to) ...and LOVE it. That's way cool for me! :) Being your mom is an incredible privilege for me....I AM SO BLESSED!!!!!

    I love you more than words...and hugging you from here. Look forward to next weekend!!

    This and the note scavenger!! :-D

    One proud mamma!!


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