Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ocean Beach Bonfire: Saturday, Day 3

After we enjoyed the beautiful flowers and scenery of Balboa Park, we moved on to our long awaited bonfire at Ocean Beach.  =)

Don't let us fool you, it was chiiiilly... especially with that ocean breeze! 

We're bundled up!  =)

Staying close to the fire but having a ball!

An adorable picture of my primas and amiga!

Sarah and Karissa walked down to the water... 

And once dinner was done, it was time for S'MORES!!!  =)

LOVE this picture of the boys.  =) 

Remember my friend Kristin who's engaged?  Well she came too!  I was so excited to see her!!! 

And I finally got to meet her boyfriend who is now her fiance!!! 

It may have been a little chilly, but we had a great time with great friends.  =)  It was well worth it!

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