Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

With mother's day approaching {and the budget still minimal} I was desperate to find some kind of gift for our moms that wouldn't break the bank.  I just couldn't handle only sending a card to such amazing mothers.

Thanks to my new friend, Stephanie Lynn at Under the Table and Dreaming, I found a great gift for each of our moms here and here.  I let them choose their scent, though they didn't know what it was for.  =)

I didn't take very many pictures but here are the scrubs that I made...

 First of all, this is the perfect gift on a budget because 1) it's actually something that the recipient will love and 2) you most likely already have everything needed in the pantry {I did!}

Supplies Needed {to make both recipes}:
Canning Jars
Ribbon and/or Twine
Tag or Label of Some Sort
Granulated Sugar
Brown Sugar
Oil (Canola or Sunflower Seed & Extra Virgin Olive)
Vanilla Extract
Lemon Juice

I already had two canning jars on hand, so I decided to spray paint the lids to make them prettier.  All I had on hand was Krylon Plastics Black, but it worked!  =)

While those were drying I mixed up my ingredients for each recipe and spooned them into their respective jars.  Then I used my new {to me} Cricut to cut out some tags for the jars.
{The first project I've used my Cricut for ~ YAY!!!}

The lids were dry by now so I sealed up the jars.  Then wrote on my tags with Sharpie, "Vanilla Sugar Scrub" and "Lemon Sugar Scrub" and tied them onto the jars.  I also used some black ribbon I had on hand to give them a little more of a feminine touch.

I think they turned out really cute {and I used a left over sample of each scrub so I know they're both great!}
I hope our moms like them!



  1. those look great! i want a cricut machine so badly.

  2. These look fabulous! Love the black lids and tags - super cute! Thanks so much for the link back - I appreciate it! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Stephanie Lynn =)


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