Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bring on the Beach Bummin Baby!

Okay readers, I realize my posting consistency has been a little crazy lately... we'll I don't think it's going to get better any time soon!  This summer {like most others} is going to be pretty crazy for us!

This is where the hubs and I will be bummin around for the next five days to celebrate our one year anniversary!!!  =D

Yes. Please.

True testament to the fact that you can vacation, and vacation well, on a budget.
We will be paying just a few bucks a night to camp at the site that has cold water rinse showers and restroom facilities near by.  The only other costs will be groceries and maybe going out to eat for our anniversary dinner... I can't wait!!!

I've never camped in sand before, this should be fun!
(And probably more comfortable sleeping than hard ground!)

We leave tomorrow morning... so excited!!!

An update on our precious Bayley Rae:
She's doing much better.  Here are some pictures of our recovering patient. =)
(Oh, and don't worry, she is in very good hands while we are away!)

I took the cone off of her when we got home.  Really, she was just desperate to lick... her paw was still all bloody.  =(  I gave her a little sponge bath but she continued to bath herself for probably the next two hours! =)
 Once she was content with her cleanliness, we crashed on the couch to watch our favorite lazy day movie, Pride and Prejudice.  =)
 We put the cone back on her right before bed time since we wouldn't be able to make sure she wasn't chewing her bandage.  She's inviting daddy to join her in the cone!  hahaha

My sweet baby!  So glad she's doing better.  =)  Definitely back to her cheerful self!

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