Friday, May 7, 2010

Jenna's DIY Birthday Gift!

Soon after getting coming into the blog world, I became inspired by my fellow blog friends and started looking for unique frames at the thrift stores I frequent.  When I came across this one a few months ago, I knew almost instantly what I was going to do with it!  =)

I used the unique frame I found to make a fun name plaque for my sister.  Her birthday was last month but I wanted to wait long enough to post it so that I wouldn't spoil the surprise for her.  I hope I waited long enough! =)

Mrs. Tischer Name Plaque

Supplies:  Frame {thrift store}, Krylon Plastics spray paint {Walmart}, Placemat {Walmart Clearance}, Wooden Letters {Walmart}

Love the shape and texture, hate the gold.

Nothing a little spray paint can't fix!

Cut out a piece from the placemat to fit on the mirror...  
I had originally planned to use burlap but our Walmart started a renovation process and cleared out ALL of their fabrics (and we live an hour away from Joann's)... I was lucky to find this beautiful placemat on the clearance rack for $1!!!  LOVE the stripes.

Hot glued the material onto the mirror (keeping the glue line as close to the edge as possible to prevent "bumps" from showing inside the frame.)

Still love the shape, still love the texture... now I love the color too!  Look at the texture on the placemat, I love it!  =)

Laid the letters in place then hot glued them and ta-da!  I love it.
My sister is a grade school teacher so I am hoping she might use this on her door or in her classroom somewhere.
I really wanted to glue on some fun colored ribbons and buttons to make it more "school house-esque" but I wasn't sure if that's what she would like.  So I left it plain so that she can add what she wants to it if she wants.  =)

I thought it turned out adorable, I am definitely pleased!


  1. Very nice! I hope she uses it on her door or classroom, too! I have a couple of long pictures that I have in a closet, knowing that somewhere down the line a great project like this will come up.


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