Sunday, August 8, 2010

You Know You're Neglecting Your Dogs When...

They sneak into your car and stage a sit-in protest while you're trying to load up to go.

This happened the other day as I was packing up my goodies needed for the last few days before my BFFs wedding.  It's one thing when you have one dog to manhandle out of the car, but when there are two it doesn't matter... they just keep taking turns hopping back in!

I must admit, it was quite humorous.  

Though my sweet puppies may have made me a few minutes late, I completely understand the protest as this past week was a crazy one and I spent very little time distributing the love and attention our pampered little pups are used to.  =)

No worries, today we are off to the lake to spend a week with the hub's fam.  The puppies are coming and they will be spoiled rotten from all the attention by the week's end.

They deserve it, they were very patient this week.  =)

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