Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Readers,

So here's the deal folks.  I super love blogging, and though things have been a little crazy in these past few months, I'm finally beginning to settle back into a regular routine that will be my life for some lengthy foreseeable time to come now.  I'm getting really excited about some blog topic ideas that have started popping into my head and even a few interactive little ditty's that could be fun, but before I go putting forth all that effort, I have this piece to settle.

I am a "needs a pat on the back" kind of person... pitiful as it may be, this is who I am.  And prior to my most recent post on my return to the "big city," I was on a running streak of almost ten posts with NO comments... ouch.

I don't need "kudos" or even "hellos" on every post to keep going... but I would like to know every once in a reasonable while that I'm not sending my heartfelt little writings out into a vast empty space where no one ever reads them.

So do me a favor please and if you read my blog, show me some comment love!  =)

Side Note: I do know that I have several readers who are not a part of the actual "blog world" themselves and wonder if perhaps these readers do not often comment because they don't know they can.  Well, if that's you, let me tell you the good news!  You can leave comments on blogspot blogs using many sign-in's such as AIM, Google and even no sign-in at all as "Anonymous" -- just sign your name at the bottom of your comment if you want me to know who you are.  ;)

So friends, before I begin hard work on my many new blog topic ideas, speak up and let me know whether or not I should still be putting out all this effort.  Like I said, I love blogging.  I just want to know that it's not a lost effort.  =)

Now what about you, readers?  Do those of you who write your own blogs often find yourselves frustrated with a lack of feedback or does the presence of comments or the lack there of phase you at all?  I'm just wondering!  =)


  1. Your blog is on my google reader and I do read all your posts! Here's some comment love for ya :)

  2. I read all your posts too! And I need an occassional kudos too before wanting to pour my heart/thoughts out!

  3. I admit, I am the culprit! ok, well one of them. I read your blog everytime you post, I promise. It is in my google reader as well. But I promise I'll try to get better at making comments since I love when you comment on mine:)

  4. p.s. I am just fortunate I have a very comment happy family. But if you find that you still can't get people to comment you can always go out and get yourself a free blog counter that will show you people are visiting:)

  5. well dear I'm guilty of reading and no comments. I love your blogs, they make me laugh! I'll try to be more diligent on commenting! It's also a constant reminder on how much I'm sucking at my own blog... le sigh. BUT! I love you and your blog!

  6. love you whitney! ~your younger sissy-inlaw


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