Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Wedding was Wonderful...

Everything was beautiful.

The ceremony was wonderful, the atmosphere, the food, the music...
The company and time spent together... just wonderful.

My most favorite part, of course, was when my husband arrived on scene...

It had definitely been way too long since I'd seen those baby blues.  =)

I'll post more soon, but as of right now I'm caught up in the throws of having skipped out on over half a week's classes in order to be at this beautiful cross country affair.

So much reading to get done... so, so, so much reading...

I'll see you soon lovelies... and I'll bring pictures and videos!

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  1. what a super cute picture of you guys! Glad you got to see your hubs as well, good luck with school! Oh how I remember the days of ridiculous reading loads, I do not envy you and thank my lucky stars that I am done with grad school ;)


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