Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to School, Back to School!

Yes readers, tomorrow I will {re}start the last year of my undergrad degree in music education!!!

The story is that I was four weeks into this last year in the fall of 2009 when Hubs and I got the "fo sho" that we were Texas bound.  Thus, I withdrew from classes and followed my sweet hubster south for a Texas adventure!  Now, almost exactly one year later I am back, ready to roll and waaay ready to graduate!!!

Some think they have senioritis their fourth year of school... try a five year degree with a one year break in the middle!  Sure can make a girl feel like she's behind the curve, but I know that my little sabbatical was the best thing for us in the long run.  =)

So, tomorrow looks like this for me:

1) Pick up sticks/walnuts/trash in the lawn
2) Mow the lawn
3) Walk the puppies
4) Visit the gym
5) Shower / Get ready
6) Unpack my few remaining boxes {hopefully}
7) Class
8) Dinner with some girlfriends
9) First GAL meeting of the semester!

Oh... and the reason for the mowing + walking + gym visit combo = we had a worship team pool party & BBQ tonight and I ate way too much food.  

No, I'm not that insecure.

Normally, I would not worry about this.  However, I have this tiny little bridesmaid dress that I'm attempting to fit into this Thursday and so far I'm just barely squeezing by... literally.
I blow all my air out to be able to zip this sucker... lol
Thus... I'm hoping to shed some major calories tomorrow... and the few days following before the BIG day... 

So my Monday is a little full friends... wish me luck!  =)

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  1. busy schedule! hope it was fun! love ya...- younger sissy inlaw


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