Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Husband is a Wakeboard Rockstar

 ...and sometimes his rockstar status comes with a cost.
Well actually, I believe this is the first time it has come at an actual cost... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

These are the kinds of rockstar things my hubster likes to do...


and this...

and between wakeboard runs he enjoys swimming water-logged trees to shore...

But after years of slapping that wakeboard against the water again and again...
and a few good spills like these...

{some spills admittedly purposeful}

I suppose he was bound to land himself here eventually.... 

 As hard as he runs that board, I'm impressed, really, that it's taken him so many years to acquire his first ER-worthy wakeboard injury.  Well done dear.  

This particular fall actually ripped his feet right out of the boots!  
Once free of Mark's feet, the board saw it's opportune moment to take revenge on my sweet hubby for the years of abuse he's put it through... and that's when it hurled itself right into hub's noggin for a good whack.

Ironically, no one checked him for a concussion... he was acting just a hair loopy... but that's not entirely abnormal for him.  =)

Also, I don't think he'll ever be known for being an excellent patient, lol.  
The man has a head injury and he won't stop walking around.  Then he grabbed the truck keys right out of my hand when we were leaving the ER!  I told him, "Any head injury that lands you in the ER and requires staples calls for a minimum 12 hour restriction from operating vehicles or large machinery."  
May not be the Doc's rule, but let us recall, he forgot to even check for signs of concussion.

And I snatched the keys back.  =)

So for the next 10 days my handsome hubbers boasts this rockin' style...
True "metals" of honor?

Disclaimer for my awesome hubs:  
1) He doesn't "bite it" nearly as often as this post appears to suggest... he is quite skilled.  =)  
2) After contemplating the purchase for several years now, hubs assures me this is the year we will invest in a wakeboard helmet.  

The Overall Price of my Hubster's Rockstar Status:

Replacing the T-shirt Used as Head Rag: $5
Emergency Room Visit: $75
Wakeboard Helmet for Future Use: $40

Lessons Learned in Watersport Safety
Renewed Appreciation for the Well Being of My Husband's Head:

Disclaimer for Myself:
I jest, but there were moments in there where I was sincerely concerned and I am now also sincerely relieved that he is well.

I love you sweetie!


  1. I'm thinking the helmet might be a good decision. :) I've never tried wakeboarding, but I'm pretty sure I would end up much worse than he di.

  2. d. got cut off my last comment. i don't know what's up with my computer.


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