Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear Kansas City, I've Missed You

Well readers, I figure it's about time for me to make my official "Hello Again Kansas City" post!  =)

That's right.  
I am proud to be, once again, an official resident of Kansas City.  
Though my past year in the Texas panhandle was an amazing experience and has forever left little Texas Lonestar prints on my heart, there are a few charms of this lovely city which I missed immensely...

{I personally recommend the raspberry tea or thrilla vanilla}
Loose Park...
{Dear Texas friends... these are what we call trees... lol 
...and I missed those too!}

The Plaza...

...more specifically...

{oooh sweet dulce de leche cheesecake...}

And of course I missed our house!!!

I also definitely missed having the convenience of pretty much any store I could possibly desire within maximum 30 minute driving range (most are only 5-10 minutes) as opposed to minimum one hour... yep... definitely have missed that.

But, of course, the things I missed about Kansas City most of all were not the stores, parks, cafes, our house or even the trees... but most of all I missed those closest to me.

my friends...
my family...
my church family...

These are definitely my favorite things about Kansas City.  =)

Now, if only my very most favorite thing about Kansas City would hurry up and get back here... ;)

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  1. I've been away for less than 2 weeks and already miss it! ENJOY!


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