Thursday, June 24, 2010

She Works Hard for the Money!

Well, my recent absence is due to my adjusting to a new schedule -- I got a job!

This is a huge blessing considering the circumstances!  I was substitute teaching but schools out for the summer so I needed a new job.  Problem was, I had seven weeks before moving back to the "big city", but we really needed me to be working up until I left in order to #1 - pay for the large chunk of my school loans that just went into repayment and #2 - cover expenses for the multiple weddings I am participating in this summer.  =)

Well as of last week I had literally applied to any and every business in town that was hiring or "accepting applications."  But of course when I was honest about how long I would be here for, they pretty much concluded the interview and said they would "be in touch."  Hopeless.  Then the manager at our apartment complex called me one day and offered me a job!  Her assistant manager is out for pretty much the exact time that I have left and she needs a temp to help out until she returns!
Praise the Lord!
He really does take care of our every need!

The great part is, that it's really a pretty quiet job so I get to work on a lot of my own stuff during the day... like continuing my search for pink shoes!  =)

First of all, this is the dress the shoes will be going with...
The pink and green together is going to be so cute!!!  =D

Okay readers, help me out... these are the affordable options I have found after hours of meticulous internet searching... Give me your opinions!

I can't find good pictures for the rest of these links but here are the sites if you're really interested in helping me pick!  =)

On another note, the first of two personal showers that I'm coordinating takes place this weekend and I am so excited!!!  I'll put up some pictures of the decorations and the event when I get back.  =)

Seriously readers, I need some help deciding on these shoes, which ones would you pick?


  1. I like the 1st ones the best. I like the 3rd ones, but if the flower is huge, negative. I didn't look at the sites..just the pics. LOVE the dress!

  2. Not sure you care for "mom's opinion...but I like the first ones best!! :)


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