Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Belated Birthday Post

First of all, I would like to mention a belated happy birthday wish to my incredible hubby and his twin sister.  =)  Their birthday was on Tuesday and I had intended to create an entire post dedicated to how amazing my hubs is in honor of such a historic day, but I got a little wrapped up in preparing his special birthday meal and several other things around the ol' apartment and the post slipped right past me!

So here's a happy, happy birthday to my incredible, handsome, hardworking husband who takes such wonderful care of our little family and loves me more than I deserve & to one of the best sister-in-laws I could have ever hoped to inherit!  =)  
I love you two!

Aaand a run-down of the hub's requested birthday dinner... everything from scratch, naturally, because that's what you get when it's your birthday!  =)

Extra Cheesy Lasagna... mine was much cheesier than this pic.  =)

Caesar Salad, a fav of both of ours...

Fresh Pineapple, another fav of ours...

...and Cherry Cheesecake (this was a first time experience for me)

It was quite the dinner!  We were both full and quite content when it was all said and done.  =)

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