Friday, June 18, 2010

Every Girl Needs a Pair of Pink Heels

The problem is, I can't find any for less than $40!

I am a budget shopper, I don't regularly spend more than $20 on any article of clothing or pair of shoes... maybe $30 if I want it that bad, but that's a true rarity.  My general shopping rule is if it's not less than $10, I wait.  haha

So back to the pink pumps.

I don't just want these, I actually need them for a wedding!  
My beautiful best friend is getting married this August and she requested that the bridesmaids all get pink shoes (no specification on shade or style) to go with our green dresses.  
First of all, can we say so cute?!  The green and pink is going to be adorable and I'm super excited.  But I have been searching everywhere for pink heels... pumps, straps, wedges, sandals... I don't care they just need to be pink, reasonably cute and somewhere in the $30 or less price range.

I thought this would be simple... it's not.

This is summer!  When brightly colored shoes are popping out all over the place and yet, nothing!  I finally found a pair for $27 on clearance at Beall's a few days ago... they're a half size too small but I bought them anyway because it's the first pair I've found in weeks of constant searching.  These are them...
I do really love them... and I figure I can suffer through for one day if I really have to, but I'm still searching.  I would really like to be spending my money on shoes that won't cause me to cringe at the thought of wearing them again.  lol

Side note: Laugh if you will, but I kind of have pudgy feet... I've started running in an effort to slim them down so that they might better fit into the shoes.  LOL  I've also been wearing them around the house (only on carpet) to try to stretch them a little... we'll see how this works.  

Wish me luck, and if you find any pink heels... send me a link!

Check out some of these fun, more expensive pretties I've found in my searching... 

A girl can dream, right?


  1. Have you checked out Kohl's online. They have a pair for 23.99 and if you get their coupons in the mail you could get an additional percentage.

    ELLE™ Mariel Peep-Toe Dress Heels

  2. hey I was in a wedding recently and I did a neat trick with my tight uncomfortable shoes. I put a sealed plastic baggie of water scrunched into the toe of each one and put them in the freezer, the water expanded and presto-chango, free streched shoes. Try it out:)


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