Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Wedding Projects!

Well I've been working on lots of wedding "stuff" lately with two of my girlfriends tying the knot this summer...

This last weekend I picked up this cutting pail from Lowe's for one of my many projects... can you guess what I'm going to do with it?  =)

I'm actually super excited to have the opportunity to use it for two different purposes/events.  I'll give you a tiny hint: I'm spray painting it white today... =)


  1. My guess is either for centerpieces or for the flower girl. Either way, your friends are lucky to have your support and help:)

  2. BOTH! =) Yea, It's supposed to be for the flower girl basket, but I figured I would double it's use as a centerpiece at her shower. =) Her wedding is beach themed so I thought it was SO cute when she told me she wanted a "sand pail" for the flower girl basket!!!


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