Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Covet a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Last night I made this cake...

S'mores cake.
 Yes, it's pretty much as delicious as it looks.  Of course mine didn't turn out that pretty {never does, lol}, but it is still delicious.  My favorite part?  The cake.  Made from scratch with almost 3c of graham cracker crumbs.
The marshmallow icing, however, scheduled an unplanned 45 minute date for me and my hand mixer... are you kidding me?  I have this Kitchenaid hand mixer...
 I love it.
But it's supposed to be for small jobs... 45 minutes together is a long time.
So anyway... According to the directions it was only supposed to be 10 minutes of mixing on the stove, then 7 more minutes in a bowl... this was not so.  It took my marshmallow icing much longer to form it's "stiff peaks" than the instructions said it would; even though {I think} I executed each ingredient, measurement and instruction to a tee.

Well those lovely, arm aching 45 minutes left me coveting a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer.
This one was on our wedding registry...
  ...but let's face it, who on earth was going to purchase me a $300-$500 stand mixer?  I put it on there just in case cause, you know... you never know.  =)  But yea, it was a no go for me.  Turns out I'm actually glad no one got that mixer because I don't want red anymore... just like me to be indecisive, right?  =)

For a while I wanted this one instead cause, well, what girl doesn't love pink?! 
The only problem is that this one donates part of the proceeds to the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation which we do not support.
{It's all about the distribution of money and a portion that goes to procedures we don't agree with.  I may make another post about that in the near future since many people are unaware...}

But theeen I found these pretties!!!
So much indecision... thus is my life.  There are just too many pretty colors to pick from!  Then there's always the sensible route of a stainless steal so that it matches my kitchen no matter how many times I remodel it. 
Though... that bronze one is definitely versatile...=)


I suppose I don't have to worry about picking my color until I have the $$$ to get one!

So tell me readers... if you could have your pick of Kitchenaid mixers, which color would you choose?  
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  1. I have an empire red one and I LOVE it!!!!!

  2. I have a white one and at least goes with whatever colors I have had in the kitchen. Originally all dishes were in blues. Now have John Deere after the fire.

  3. Just bought one on Craigslist, white with attachments, for $120. She wants a black one to match their new appliances they just put in their kitchen! And it is here in Lee's Summit.

    Looks to be new. Of course, so does my almost 20 year old one ;)

  4. OK now i need the post on why you dont support them?

  5. We have a black one! We love it but I really would prefer a yellow one! HAHA

  6. I have a royal blue one! I do not recall what we paid for it...but not as much as you are saying. We got it new at Kohls!

  7. Oh man, I REALLY want the yellow one. I'd take any of them. But man, I love the yellow one. I've been doing a ton of baking lately and would love on, but alas, it isn't in the budget. There are some great deals on Craigslist though...

  8. Can you share the recipe for the cake????

  9. i have the red one, and i LOVE it! someone bought us a wedding gift from williams sonoma that we would never use, so we returned it and only had to pay $30 for the mixer!!!
    that cake looks awesome. we need the recipe!

    about your gazpacho question - yes, everything is fresh and raw (and delicious).


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